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The Test of Virtue is a fan work based on Ultima VI: The False Prophet, released in 1990 by Origin Systems.

Its content is derived from Ultima VI, its accompanying manuals, and those of Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar, Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny, Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss and Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds.

Special thanks go to Nuvie, the open source Ultima VI engine, from which dialogue and images were extracted for this test.

Developed in Twine by Mighty Owlbear in 2018.

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This program's code and new written matter are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Note that the supplied asset pack includes all code and images required by the game if you want to load it into Twine to see how badly I've abused its macro system this time, but running it locally will result in the images not displaying.

I'll add a stand-alone downloadable package in the near future, once I've finished bughunting.


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This is neat (and not just because it said I was a bard). Beyond Ultima, I've also enjoyed similar class creators in Ancient Domains of Mystery (, Daggerfall, and Morrowind.