Download Edition updated!

The downloadable version of The Road to Adventure has now been updated to improve the functionality and explanation of the HTML image embed code example. As a handy bonus, this means that the image in that passage will display properly in the downloaded version, as long as you have an internet connection.

If you've already been using the game as reference for your own projects, you'll find the updated content in the passage named Town gate.


The Road to Adventure Download Edition.html 306 kB
Nov 07, 2017

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How did you generate the google drive URL?


Thanks for asking - this is actually the subject of a pending update to the download edition, as there's a much easier alternative method!

New method

1. Set up an account at

2. Upload your image

 3. Select it and copy the Direct Link URL listed on the right. This produces something like , which you can use in your game.

Old Method 

WARNING: Google Drive links only work for a limited time (two weeks, I believe)

1.  Upload the image file to your Google Drive

2. Right-click it in your browser and select Share

3. Set it to Public on the web (Anyone on the Internet can find and view)

4. Visit the sharing link (in this case

5. Right-click on the image and select Copy image address to get the direct link - in this instance that's  <-- functional but curtailed by editor 

N.B. This direct link will stop working after two weeks so is only suitable for short-term projects.

The update should be going into the Download Edition code and comments by Wednesday. I hope this helps. Thank you for the reminder!