A downloadable demo

Created to accompany a tutorial for issue 36 of Wireframe magazine, this downloadable demo includes a bundle of video files and a Twine game file that you can load up to look at, play with and copy bits out of to your heart's content.

Note that this is not a complete game. It's a learning aid full of dummy text and there's no win condition implemented. 

What works:

  • video playback
  • 'discovering' new videos by watching a clip
  • adding videos to your evidence list
  • two navigation sidebars
  • a seamlessly repeating background image

This demo includes video material from Ed Wood's legendary Plan 9 From Outer Space, which is in the public domain.

The title graphic uses Gorefont by Gravetech.

And if that background image seems familiar, that's because it's a redrawn homage to Gremlin Graphics' 1992 point-and-click adventure, Plan 9 From Outer Space.

Created with Twine 2.3.5, Harlowe 3.1.0

Install instructions

Unzip the file.
To play: open index.html in your browser

To edit: Load it into your Twine editor.


Plan9FromFMV-demo.zip 56 MB

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